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All services can be tailored to any type or size of amusement facility in any market. Whether you need a one time training or ongoing support, I will provide a customized and detailed proposal that includes only the recommended or requested services.

Free Social Media Audit

The first step to an effective social media strategy is to determine what type of foundation you have established. Get a full audit of your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account activities. I will review your content, engagement, and overall presence from a guest perspective. After reviewing, I provide an analysis that focuses on the positives and offers suggestions for immediate and long term changes.

Services for New Parks

The marketing of a new park should begin well in advance of opening day. Is your marketing plan done? Do you need help establishing your social media platforms? Have you worked out a content strategy for the months preceding opening? Let me help you create a blueprint for your first year marketing efforts; create a marketing plan, establish your online presence, and start building the buzz. I can provide content strategy, social media training for your marketing team, write press releases, and more.

Services for Existing Parks

Even parks that have a well-established online presence can use help sometimes. I can help you accelerate your marketing efforts through team training, creating a branded social content strategy, social contests, SEO best practices, customizing analytics reports, website recommendations, email marketing segmentation and message strategy, eCommerce user experience optimization, and more.

Miscellaneous Services

I am a problem solver. If you need help identifying a solution for a digital or social marketing pain point, we should talk. We will start with blue-sky-thinking and I can help you find a way to meet your marketing goals with limited budgets, limited manpower, and limited time.

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